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it's all sort of russian innovation on technology we've got the future. washington sends armed drones to fly missions over the libya as a campaign enters its second month where they are wondering whether they toast millions are doing more harm than good. as moscow warns the coalition that sending military advisors to libya breaks the u.n. resolution bodies chief is in the russian capital to discuss the situation in the arab world. kidnap mystery reports claim the son of a russian software tycoon has released part of phase i think you know duct tape for three billion dollars ransom also. right now for the first time ever on international television we'll be trying to look inside the chernobyl to facility
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almost twenty five years after the chernobyl nuclear disaster r.t. delves deep into the exclusions a to enter classified military installation. and representative giant state owned ross nasa an independent lukoil have signed an offshore exploration we will. see about twenty minutes time. low it's one pm here in the russian capital straight to our top story now. turning up the heat on colonel gadhafi u.s. armed predator drones have joined the mission to seek and destroy battle leaders also powered forces have been engaged in the country's civil conflict more than a month but over to show for it don't look towards causing widespread concern about its cost or image reports. philippians it's been
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a long hard month and strike after airstrike by nato forces in the middle of an increasingly violent civil war but in the midst of all that bloodshed what's been achieved according to many not a lot but i see the situation is deepening probably of rather worse the african union the tempi to cease fire i was struck with i believe quite western interests america is putting troops in on the ground as advisors but it is very dangerous we're involved in a civil war for which there is no problem interest or issue and at what cost priceless human lives certainly but the ministry of defense refuses to release information on how much the intervention in libya is costing the british taxpayer early estimates suggested. five million dollars a day that means a month's offensive me of course the u.k. as much as a hundred fifty million dollars and counting and this at a time when the u.k. slashing spending on public services leading to widespread often violent
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demonstrations this is an incredible amount of money when they say the there is no money available that we could go every week we could be building a new hospital several new schools. we could be paying the student tuition fees which are going up to nine thousand the year next year defense cuts have already begun and the ministry of defense is expected to save nearly eight billion dollars over the next four years ironically experts say that's made the libyan war more expensive now that the u.k. no longer has an aircraft carrier every mission is longer and logistically harder if we still have. the areas and. we could be doing a little drop. and over six months cost us. one hundred million. oh.
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and for all that investment strategists are calling the situation a stalemate peter hamby is still in libya reportedly using illegal and indiscriminate cluster munitions on rebel forces peace seems no nearer and nato appears to be settling in for the long haul until the libyans themselves can negotiate a deal after a month of airstrikes u.k. forces look more inextricably involved in the conflict than ever just in the last week the ministry of defense committed to sending military advisors to libya to organize the rebels this is seen by many as the most significant step so far towards deploying ground troops and once that happens many see libya turning into another afghanistan ten years and counting it's hard to be counted but the coalition's decision to send military there is on changed so that it was not exactly being welcomed with open arms and russia is warning the movies directly
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against the u.n. resolution that bans all kinds of neutral aid to north african country granted today the u.n. chief thank you meet the russian leadership in moscow to sarah ferguson cells. russia has repeats likud but did not seek solutions to the conflicts and has been up from the very beginning cautious about foreign intervention in libya internal affairs now there has been increasing concern about actions taken by allied forces and whether they fall beyond the terms of the un resolutions are russia's expressed concerns about the pool of civilians us by naysay test sites on the way to protect civilians and the recent decision by u.k. and france to send in military advisers has been criticized russia saying that that could have unpredictable consequences but for minister sergei lavrov says that that is a clear launch of the ground conflicts but now another topic of discussion is going
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to be the situation in the ivory coast the u.n. also by saying the sending of peacekeeping troops that the decision to pull the president by place president was seen as taking sides in the cold states and russia staying to be calling for an explanation about the use of force of the certainly gangs big surprise dozens to be had today this also so that the u.n. secretary general is going to be discussing with president the fate of the issue of security at the clear power plant sort of cools a big face of international attention since the tsunami and earthquake devastated japan's fukushima power plugs you know it so the president paid a visit she can see the announcing some initiatives aimed at preventing any unique a disaster in the feature another topic is losing suits be the issue of the piracy the u.n. security council a possible solution last week that was actually initiated by russia thanks to
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preventing the piracy off the case to somalia say days as some of the topics is the will be discussed today of the disease that every top of the agenda is going to be the on going conflict and the importance of ensuring that for development. isn't acting like an un resolution. but a certain a lot on the cards for the visit to russia let's talk about that now that this whole analyst from the moscow based on the sun newspaper so struck and joins us live here in the studio thank you very much indeed of course as you heard there russia insists that u.n. resolution is being violated in libya is ban ki-moon likely to address that but as far as i see this is not purely a russian resort a wish and as you know there's a growing frustration in the world on how the nato led operation in libya is going on and definitely. the u.n. resolution which initially let me remind our audience was installed just through who introduced the no fly zone sort so what's going on now we installed two different story coalition definitely steak and sides. and now they're considering
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another step just. to to stop that letter to ration which can really unpredictable results for the country so that's why this is not only russia's stance on this is concern of right to be part of the international community dimensions national community again given these these concerns can't security council members just ignore what's what others say or how does it work in the u.s. while they're already ignoring we have to understand that this is a really complicated piece here because initially by adopting this resolution united nations was also trying to sort of reinvent itself to show that it is important you can play play a decisive role and as you remember the solution came out as a result of a carefully worded compromise you see so we're. all all parts we're discussing meeting and every step you see when you go beyond the resolution and then let.
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it make that but your credibility is at stake you see it can be jeopardized simply and this is what's happening in the region what we see is in moscow today actually trying to go. russia's backing for what's happening in a well i think part of human definitely is a practical man a practical politician and he can't expect russia as a practical politician chance the support. of the move definitely russia is approved to eat so in practical terms what i'm going to pick can expect from russia is just maybe. two communities criticism slowed down you see just maybe not not not not actually in such a way just so small that they will be seen that there is a growing disarray between the world powers over the libyan east and this is what we can expect from us but definitely will not support no question about the main issue today but what we see there are other things on the table as well nuclear safety being one of them what's likely to come out of that today. let me remind you
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that on humans was a must to coincide so with that twenty five cents worth of. catastrophe and you knew that russia's president would need to do is due to his that key he would be jaron by president lukashenko from bill or lucy and ukrainian leader. so definitely nuclear safety. or legend and. what's going on in japan i mean for also reminds us that we have to take action but this is a totally separate story see and definitely humankind is on the crossroads with regard to this. alledge. but this is a separate story so you just have separate discussion i don't think he would be in a position to just make any for farfetched conclusions during he stops with president our primary focus is on the middle east and libya and i recourse than the north africa all of those things are going to head right off leave it and i thank
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you very much and it's a stroke and feel thoughts have an ati thank you. well still ahead in this hour the midwest collides with the middle east a koran burning american policy will shock waves around the world plans a protest outside largest mosque in the u.s. . security forces in russia's republic of chechnya have killed a top al qaeda leader in the north caucuses he was one of three gunmen killed in a special security raid in the region. i do is one of those killed was a dinner forward as an agent of carter's network in the north caucasus a native of saudi arabia we came to you know he's been based in the north caucasus since ninety nine he not going it was also the key guarantor and coordinator of the funds coming from abroad to fuel the militants network in russia. the national committee also says mike and that was one of russia's most wanted men alongside chechen warlord. he was
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a leading an influential figure among caucuses militants and said to have played a key role in almost all the terrorist bombings that took place in russia recently is. most important journey which claims thirty eight lives. a son of one of richest paper has reportedly been released off it was claimed he'd been kidnapped for ransom twenty year old youngest child of software type any customer i've been missing since tuesday let's get more on this correspondent. there's been no official confirmation about any of the facts of the case. at this point well at this point we do not have any official confirmation from the cust person that can lead or from any of the security services which reportedly have been involved in the recovery operation what we do know all of it seems to come from various sources in the russian media all of whom i happen to have sources
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within those security services or the police at this point we know that reportedly graham somehow has been paid for the twenty year old from cross pierce get because been abducted on the nineteenth of april i doubt it but we don't know we do not know anything about the amount of that ransom or who the abductors in fact were and what were their reasons for abducting the young man nothing is known about his state his emotional psychological or physical wellbeing at this point but of course they're also being that he is self. by the details of the case only surface like i said through various newspaper sources there were some reports that the customer steve family has refused to comment on this incident saying that they're not going to provide any information to any of that the media sources and they have asked the russian media to do to keep quiet on this case but really at the tycoons one of russia's richest people so if this story is true the kidnappers certainly knew who they were giving for whom they absolutely have given us various news beachhead of
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the custis the laboratories which have been creating not just doesn't carry the software or just any software for personal computers for everyday users they are also the people who make security software for special services like prices to assist the federal security service federal security service also they have been working with the security services from the united states from various repealed countries for china so the rust peculations there may be more of a behind this abduction that the abductors were not just after money but in fact wanted to to make a point that's because they're still i've heard stories are doing a good job in creating software which prevents criminals as deibert criminals from stealing information from security secure databases not is of course this does not mean just banks and of course that these databases which do contain some classified materials but again we have to wait and see whether because there's the family or
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any of the officials will come forth and provide any more details on this peculiar case. ok just in story rocco sport relief in the sky thank you for that. was the world's worst nuclear disaster that's twenty five years on the battle to contain it continues building a new sarcophagus with the chernobyl site is the most pressing issue resume tomorrow in the country since crain. reports from a couple few. twenty five years ago when the chernobyl fallout happened in the soviet ukraine the world saw a large debate on the safety of nuclear energy the same thing is happening now a days with the fukushima nuclear disaster unraveling in japan now the anniversary of the chernobyl nuclear disaster twenty five years ago i see lots of events in ukraine with lots of international v.i.p.'s just coming here to great to attend these services internet in trouble and different conferences related to that sounds
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now all of them most of them have been speaking out in defense of nuclear energy tokyo is ready to invest almost fifty billion u.s. dollars into trying to contain the contamination around the fukushima plant the same thing which what was happening in trouble twenty five years ago when the soviet government to was spared no effort and money to trying to contain a vis chernobyl radioactive threat and in fact still this area indeed crane needs some financial attention as he of has already managed to persuade the governments of different countries to invest more than five hundred million euros into building the new circle for goods which would last for more than one hundred years was spent almost a week inside the chernobyl exclusion zone filming a documentary which was would be able to see on the twenty sixth of april which is of course the twenty fifth anniversary of the chernobyl nuclear fallout we said we've managed to get into the darkest and the most secret parts of the exclusion zone including one of the biggest secrets of the soviet union
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a regular geisha station called assured noble to the whole world knows that your goble nuclear power plant and the thirty kilometer exclusion zone which surrounds it but few are aware that this area holds a secret which had been kept hidden for many decades. for the first time ever on international television r.t. is able to bring you one of the biggest secrets of the soviet union this facility behind me has many different names the chernobyl to the dog or a more technical name beyond the horizon radio location facility its prime prime goal was to detect a missile launch anywhere on the european continent but its test launch in one thousand eight hundred proved that its signal is so powerful that it can reach the eastern coast of the united states this facility was one of the most expensive projects of the soviet union it cost around seven billion soviet rubles which is twice as expensive as because struction of the chernobyl nuclear power plant just
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fifteen kilometers from here even getting this close to the fans of the top secret facility has been impossible before for a t.v. journalist for a t.v. camera but what we've managed to find here this should be helpful this is a hole in the wall and right now for the first time ever on international television we'll be trying to look inside the chernobyl to facility. right the official claims that it was decommissioned and put out of service straight out of after the trouble fall out in nine hundred eighty six it still remains under the protection and there are still armed guards at the security checkpoints around the area not letting anyone inside with a life. of the theory was put forward that it wasn't really an over the horizon radar station or rather a special facility for influencing people's minds and for using psychotropic radiation that would enable malicious forces to control people however there is no such thing in psychiatry and radiation it was just another me feeling paul the technicians all the people behind this technology were describing it as their pride
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as something the soviet union the soviet union space technology should be proud of because to that date in one thousand eight hundred none of the world's raiders could have had such a strong signal as the station like this there are only three stations like this in the world this is the only one which we couldn't get access to as the other two are still remain still remain as classified facilities and there's no access whatsoever to those facilities. i was artie's lexi r.s.s. the reporting from ukraine. florida's koran burning pastor out courting controversy yet again he's using the holy easter weekend to stage a protest i saw the largest mosque u.s. terry jones was on the. world and afghanistan question for south reports. of sunni and shiite christians. hundreds of the residents there are gathered here in the islamic center of america for one
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reason they want to spread the image of unity nearly a thousand people came about the same reason i have a message for pastor terry jones he may have an issue with islam he may have some fear about islam and we understand that it may be the case but we don't believe that he's necessarily searching for the truth in your world we believe easier to start some trouble with. this. later they gathered outside the mosque and formed a human chain in a show of solidarity many in dearborn say the pastor is not welcome but this is how they will fight back clearly he does not represent the beauty of god's teachings as a whatever has him tormented i want to pray and ask god to deliver him pastor terry jones became a well known figure after his plan to burn the qur'an this past september eleventh at his church in florida while that event was canceled he did stage
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a qur'an burning last month which fell under the radar of most media here in the united states but did not go unnoticed in other parts of the world. in response mass riots were held in the city of mazar e sharif in afghanistan more than a dozen people were killed and many there pointed to pastor terry jones as the reason so why would caster jones. come to dearborn michigan well despite being located in the midwest of the united states and if people say this city looks more like the middle east out of the one hundred thousand residents here forty thousand are arab american it's home to the largest muslim american population in the country and the islamic center of america you see behind me is the largest mosque and people are concerned for public safety because of where the mosque is located it's located just between two churches on the same day as good friday hundreds are expected to attend services using just this one road it is for this reason pastor
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terry jones spent the majority of the day here at the nineteenth district court in dearborn michigan a judge inside denied him a permit to protest where he wanted which was right outside the islamic center he was told and said he could protest freely outside of city hall and he said he didn't want to and was asked then to pay a one hundred thousand dollars bond to pay for any damages that might occur he refused and has now been given a trial by jury the trial is scheduled to take place on the same day as his planned protests we will of course bring you the very latest but for now and christine for for our team in dearborn michigan. well there always more reports blogs and feature is just a click away at r.t. dot com here's a taste of just some of the stories online you write and you go drudge stability prices reaching record highs we look for the reasons party dot com. and all aboard have been snowing in the week in the russian capital but spring has
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definitely come to moscow as the city's rivers open up saying for the. other news stories now in brief you this hour thirty five people have been killed in u.s. drone attack in pakistan's tribal region of north waziristan in the afghan border some reports say militants and civilians could be among the casualties and while hundreds of insurgents attacked a checkpoint in the northwest of the country killing fourteen security forces reportedly happened in a region where taliban fighters have been gaining strength. b.p. has announced it's giving one billion dollars towards the restoration of the u.s. gulf coast but funds will go to the states of alabama florida mississippi and texas and federal agencies will be used to clean up their image and build recreation areas last year more than seven hundred million tons of oil spilled into the gulf of mexico after an explosion at a rig platform that killed eleven people. bought
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a huge protests turkey's top election board has reversed an earlier decision to block twelve clearish politicians from standing in national elections original band brought tens of thousands on to the streets in protest across the many kurdish southeast of the country crashes led to one man being shot dead and dozens of others wounded. next to latest business knees with. hello and welcome to business saucy thanks for joining us and just four months russian initial public offerings have raised the billion dollars compared to five point five billion for the whole of the last year but the dynamics are mixed while some companies list excessively others struggle and cancelled a multi-billion flotations and home form and communications explains what's causing the jitters and luke some of the prospects for the market there is
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a lot of nervousness in the market at the moment driven by what's happening globally and that certainly fits in filters into the russian market as well and so i think that whereas in a more benign environment you may see a wider range of companies being able to close and being able to get deals away right now there's a lot more scrutiny around stories investors that criteria and. since they are so wrapped up in a market like this it is still possible to be right here in this market and if you've got the right story you meet the right criteria it's still possible to do it right now if you look at all of. the listed russian companies in actual fact they cover a very wide range of sectors already and now you see toilet paper. you've got a lot of deals that are potentially out. there if they meet the right criteria that there will be. russia's three largest oil companies state owned ross nets and independent record have signed a deal or go offshore exploration under the agreement ross never open its licensed oil and gas offshore fields to look oil this marks a new caused. by
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a process never has initiated a host of such going to ships with foreign majors like b.p. chevron absent the deal looks promising for lukoil weakness in al it would decline as the company struggled to gain new on shawn deposits. and that's only because the stock markets right now the european bourses are close to to reconstruct all the days meanwhile here in russia about the us he has an eye six continue their gains with energy majors leading the growth let's take a look at some individual shared movers blue collars up and stronger crude bucking the trend is russia that should almost represent out of the us he has a wild problem at always two and a half percent document high pressures metal prices. russian oil company bashing after has more than tripled its net profit to one point two billion dollars last year the figure is almost a third about analysts forecast the company says the result was supported by increased our food and growing oil prices. the world's largest automaker toyota says its production line will fully recover by its december the company suffered
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choppy from destruction it's just surprised at the structures to supplies of the past it used in quite northeast japan and the source supplies to set up production overseas to diversify its. roughest considering easing the tides regime for energy companies so they spend more on modernization without having to raise prices for consumers and dimitri been fondly she believes the move also will have the companies improve the investment attractiveness. differently or the current price of russian asa so are quite cheap on the market price of a share or some strong squad she provides of emerging markets am i developed market moral russia grazes and there's growth story and if you look over your opinions here it is there was no girls in their wings and consumption and so sold the russians grown conference or it's because it's so interesting for the long run for the investors and. i would say that the more announcer would have sort of lead from us so for the attractiveness of the story for the long run for the investor so i
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guess the big government should think about keeping previous promises saying peeping through the source of the game in fact in order to keep the interest of the sector otherwise you free ray i mean if the government change the rules of the game each year so it will diminish the potential interest to the producer. well you're up to date john it's the only news not stock.
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i live in a country that don't understand that there's more violence in the streets of this country than there are in the streets in afghanistan or baghdad. one night in the spring become a brace of. bias in the midst of the boom of form. crowd gathers moment may be an example of scribblers. wealthy british style. sometimes a six pack of. cards.


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